PCF Clinical Network

Join our clinical network

The PCF’s clinical network is open to anyone with an interest in improving bladder and bowel services for children, young people and their families. It currently comprises over 200 NHS clinicians and staff who have engaged with the PCF either through our outreach, word of mouth, or research.  Moving forward, we welcome the involvement of anyone with an interest in our work to include, but not exclusive to health care professionals, MPs, education professionals, early years practitioners, local authorities, parents and carers.

The role of the PCF network is to support the PCF by sharing their knowledge about practice developments within and wider issues in the field of paediatric bladder and bowel care.  This helps to inform the PCF’s strategic priorities and policy work, as well as keeping them informed of what it is happening at local level.

What we ask from our network

  • Peer review PCF materials;
  • Feed into PCF policy priorities at annual reviews;
  • Informing the PCF of policy concerns at delivery level;
  • Informing the PCF of good practice and innovation at local level that should be recognised, celebrated and shared.

How to sign up

You can read the full role description of a clinical network member here.

To sign up to be a member of our clinical network, email us at paediatriccontinenceforum@whitehousecomms.com.

Remember to include your name, job title, employer, location, what your role entails, and your contact details.